Totino Grace

What I delivered
Brochures for prospective families & students, art direction of 150+ images to be used in future marketing  
Totino-Grace is an innovative, vibrant Catholic Lasallian high school known for academic rigor and relevance. 
As a part of Totino Grace's rebrand  I was tasked with creating some new marketing materials targeted towards prospective students and their parents. This included a new brochure explaining the values and principles— keystones of the TG community as well as its curriculum, extra curriculars and college prep success.  
Prospective Student Brochure | Poster
Although this brochure did appeal to prospective students as well as their parents I was pushed to design a separate piece just for students. The piece needed to connect with students both visually and vocally and really get them engaged and excited. ​​​​​​​
An 8-panel marketing piece that doubled as a poster on the back. Each panel was designed to be playful and captivating all while calling out distinct traits that make up the TG community. 
Totino-Grace loved the idea at concept stage and they were even more enthusiastic about the final piece.

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